New York’s legendary antifolk scene has given us more delightful musicians than anywhere else in the world in recent years – Regina Spektor, Jeffrey Lewis, most recently Darwin Deez and now former MTV animator Thomas Truax joins them. Sonically, he’s cut from much of the same cloth, in that you hear classic Neil Young and Dylan strongly in the instrumentation, but Truax also has a willingness to experiment and mix in more eclectic influences, bringing to mind Nick Cave at his elegant best, especially on ‘What’s The Matter With My Grey Matter?’. Ironically, given the scene that’s spawned him, it’s lyrically where Truax falls down a little. There’s nothing too clunky, but there’s also no tangible vulnerability or humour either. ‘Sonic Dreamer’ is a good record, but not one people are going to fall in love with.

By Tom Goodwyn

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