For those worried that garage music had degenerated into little more than an excuse to bark tuneless semi-lyrics whilst abusing some instrument you never really learnt how to play, drowning the whole lot out with levels of distortion that could melt a Boeing 747, Ty Segall has often been a sound for sore ears. He retains the gratifying scuzziness of the genre but errs on the side of simplicity, with lashings of punk and pop. On ‘Melted’, things have fleshed out a bit, with screamy hip-shakers that positively stink of the 60’s – ‘Sad Fuzz’ has a quasi-‘White Album’ deliriousness about it, which totally works – and the trashy, sweaty hooks are virtually relentless. He’s even thrown in a few jangly piano layers. Finally Segall has gone beyond guy-with-a-guitar, and it sounds like there’s no turning back.

By Polly Rappaport

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