Time was when the idea of a Canadian supergroup was confined to indie mockumentaries and rumours about Bryan Adams gigging with Neil Young. But now that Montreal is the coolest place in the world, bands like Wolf Parade – a supergroup only in that it features members of Hot Hot Heat and Sunset Rubdown – exist with barely a snigger of disbelief. At least, they do until you hear ‘Expo86’, an album of eleven, virtually indistinguishable mid-paced chunks of meaty indie rock with added cock-rocking solos and occasional synth flourishes. And an hour of the unrelenting, braying stuff, too. If records were graded purely on workmanship and proficiency, this would be a 10. However, Loud And Quiet thinks the modern music fan deserves a bit of originality or variety to their albums, and unfortunately ‘Expo86’ is little more than an exercise in unremarkability.

By Sam Walton

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