Austin trio Woven Bones are, for want of a better word, very ‘Austiny’. Like Dixieland Jazz can be pinpointed to New Orleans on a map of the States, the drawling, twangy garage that these Texan’s peddle could have only come from the backyards that play host to SXSW every year. It’s more devilish than garage punk from other areas of the country and world, made extra menacing by Woven Bones’ clear love for The Stooges and The Velvets. It feels like a more authentic brand of scuzz rock, even if they do do very little with the three chords they know – just play them round and round to either the more successful ‘prowl’ speed setting (‘Guess You Already Knew’/ ‘Creepy Bone’) or the amped-up ‘ravish’ cycle (‘Couldn’t Help But Stare’). And yet you’ll be hard pressed to take an ear off of Andy Burr’s Iggy whine. Simple yet compelling stuff.

By Danny Canter

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