To have your negative conception of a band so utterly reversed that you actually doubt your ability to correctly assess your own taste in music is a bit scary. Abe Vigoda’s second album, ‘Skeleton’, whilst being hailed by a variety of knowledgeable outlets, to this reviewer was little more than a soundtrack to flannel-shirt-wearing douches dry-humping each other in Barden’s Boudoir. ‘Crush’, the follow-up, still has some of that early jungle fever, but the temperature overall has dropped to levels that require buttoning up. ‘November’’s chiming guitars are most reminiscent of the breathless punk of old, but the disco beats of ‘Throwing Shade’, the brooding Cure-guitars of ‘Pure Violence’ (what a title!) and the synth-pop of ‘Repeating Angel’ suggest a band that has looked for new influences in the right places and come up with a record that is so good it’s almost frightening.

By Matthias Scherer

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