On the face of it, Betty And The Werewolves are as twee as a knitting party (read: gathering) sat in front of The Royal Tenenbaums and other quirky indie flicks. Eating cupcakes. Reading Virginia Woolf. Platting hair. Urrgh! But while the quartet’s debut album is certainly gooey and ‘nice’ in parts, it’s hard and nasty in others, which is a welcome surprise. The opening ‘Euston Station’ sounds like an unsatisfied Long Blondes, for example, and ‘Purple Eyes’ is even more disdainful under Lisa McMahon’s saccharin vocals, which ask, “The Libertines? Who the fuck are they?”. And the band’s Sleeper-ish, Britpop nonchalance is peppered all over ‘Teatime Favourites’. It’s still twee indie pop, but Betty have an almost punk bite and attitude at their cutesy core. They probable don’t even cut the crusts of their sandwiches.

By Sam Little

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