Canadian five piece Black Mountain’s third record suits its title. ‘Wilderness Heart’ is a gutsy album with ambitious arrangements, epic instrumentation and huge choruses. Heavily indebted to 70s and early 80s rock’n‘roll, it’s full of Zeppelin-style solos, Floyd-esque soaring harmonies and a wide-eyed lyrical sensibility straight out of the expansive plains of the band’s native Canada. Helmed by Dave Sardy, who’s become known for his ability to harness a band’s psychedelic tendencies and still produce an album that you don’t need a metric tonne of mind-altering substances to enjoy, only two tracks break the five-minute barrier, and there’s nothing approaching pretentious on show. Especially not ‘Old Fangs’, which is a barnstormer of a rock song, complete with a wicked guitar solo. Not the most original record in the world. But one with enough heart to make up for it.

By Tom Goodwyn

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