Most of the PR stories that accompany album promos are pretty bland: generic, superlative-ridden run-throughs of a band’s history and music. The story behind ‘Star of Love’, however, is – if true – incredible. In a nutshell, the album is a reinterpretation of a crazy operetta written by the late grandfather of one band member, discovered after his death. And the tale runs much deeper than that. Meanwhile, though, let’s talk about the music. The opening handful of tracks showcase the sound – a spacious wind-tunnel blast of electro. ‘I Do This Everyday’ has a hard edge, and brief undercurrents of heavy metal guitar – it feels like balancing on a knife blade, listening to Soulwax dangling members of Megadeth on puppet strings, while elsewhere ‘At Home’ is a cute, conventional pop song with an almost ABBA-esque feel. This is a great debut.

By Chris Watkeys

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