Melpomeni’s debut album is something akin to a musical version of that ‘find the lady’ back alley card scam – just as you think you’ve spotted the breakdown in amongst the 8 tragedies and 2 love songs it turns out you were wrong, and now your safety might be at risk. Because this dramatic, blackened-eyed piano pop gushes with all the melodrama of a scorn banshee on the Jeremy Kyle Show. It means that, on occasions (usually when it’s just Melpomeni and her piano), the ghoulish theatrics can tip toe past faux cobwebs and Kate Bush voodoo dolls into the realms of clichéd spookiness found on the Vampire Bat Ride at Chesington World of Adventures. Backed by a band though, on tracks like the possessed honky tonk of ‘I Need A Man’, which prowls and wails quite magnificently, Melpomeni will seduce you with vampish flare and pomp.

By Sam Little

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