Seattle’s Minus The Bear have always been one of those bands whose fans absolutely adore them, but who’ve never grown into an act that sells many records. Despite this, they’ve steadily put out a vast number of albums and EPs over the last few years, each formed of sharply constructed riffs, off the wall lyrics and nagging choruses, described by those who know them best as the originators of math rock. New release ‘Omni’ is no different from their past endeavours – jagged guitars collide over a complex myriad of instrumentation. Opener ‘Summer Angel’ in particular captures the band’s ability to mix heavy riffage with a hum-able chorus. The rest of the album is much in the same vein, consistently excellent and very odd. ‘Omni’ won’t win Minus The Bear any new fans, but let’s face it, they’re probably past caring.

By Tom Goodwyn

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