Pop round to this trio’s house and you’d probably find faded trunks filled with ripped Hendrix and Zeppelin outfits. They like good old-fashioned rock’n’roll, y’see. Launching into ‘Livin’ Like I Wanna’, the Ohioan rockers wail like a credible Wolfmother. ‘ZZ Breakers’ rocks a smoky drawl, singing “Please, please, don’t bring your troubles to me, yeah!” It’s addictive enough, if nothing new, until the rock indulgence creeps in. ‘Hear Me Callin’ features an epic drum solo, clocking in at just under ten minutes, and no one needs that. ‘I Work While You’re Sleeping’ continues the drum marathon (please, enough boys, you’re not Phil Collins), but brings in a jazz-bass riff worthy of an underground 1970s blues joint. There’s a time and a place for Mount Carmel, it’s just unfortunate for them that the time is 1969 and the place is Woodstock.

By Laura Davies

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