The third album from Canadian indie types Shapes and Sizes sees the band move to a sound something akin to The Duke Spirit meets Howling Bells, but slower and more subdued than both. Never content to drop into a formula and stick with it, each individual song sounds good and then somehow switches to sounding good in a quite different way; ‘Time Has Practically Stopped’ slides from subtle, to soulful, to jangly indie, but the transition is as silky as Calia Thompson-Hannant’s vocals. Reminiscent of many great female singers but most strongly PJ Harvey, the frontwoman turns on the soul in album-closer ‘Old Worlds’, but before that, ‘The Hit Parade’ is like a heartbeat spiked by occasional shots of adrenaline. A smouldering record, which in places catches light and really burns, this cut from Shapes And Sizes is almost a perfect fit.

By Chris Watkeys

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