Herve’s been a busy boy the last 12 months, which makes it all the more welcoming that his debut album as The Count has finally seen the light of day. Carrying a booming party spirit, ‘Mega Mega Mega’ is heavy on the bass lines and cramming styles. From the buzzing bass bump and Cool Kids-esque drawl of opener ‘Do You Really Want It’ to the arcade sirens of ‘Desert Rhythm’, there’s plenty of cut and thrust before ‘Panther’ nicks a beat from Riva Starr’s Macbook and perks things up with a lively slice of catchy accordion. Inevitably it has its lulls and adrenaline crashes – the mindless repetition of ‘Roll Out’ and chart fodder of ‘Addicted to You’ might take some shaking – but as the tired, half-lid comedown of ‘You Make Me Feel So Good’ washes over, it neatly caps the story of a heavy night out. Minus the hangover.

By Reef Younis

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