The Soundcarriers second longplayer ‘Celeste’ is an album that’s not shy in displaying its influences. From the swirly opening of ‘Last Broadcast’ to the epic closing title track, you’re taken on a journey through the blissed out sounds of the late sixties and early seventies. The signposts are easy to spot, Beatles, Yes, Beach Boys, Hendrix, Zappa, all well represented. Unfortunately, it then proceeds to do nothing with the influences, sounding a bit like psychedelia by numbers a lot of the time, with none of the excitement and adventure that makes that period of time so well remembered. ‘Celeste’ isn’t a terrible record; it just doesn’t offer anything new. And, given it is plundering a period of musical history that’s already very well mined, it feels a bit like scraping an empty barrel.

By Tom Goodwyn

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