After twenty years in ‘the business’, Gruff Rhys can do pretty much whatever he wants and still be respected for it. And what he wants just now is to collaborate with a mildly crazy-sounding Brazilian chap who builds odd sounding instruments he names after himself, then make an experimental album of buzzsaw guitara, anti-rhythms and blindly insane noise, some of which is sung in Portuguese. Sound good? Well, some of it is. ‘O Que Tu Tem’ is a cacophonous yet coherent piece of angry protest music, sounding like a reconstructed Fall song played in a phone box. Elsewhere there’s more conventional but no less energising fare, while Gruff taking vocals on some tracks lends the album a smidgen of accessibility it wouldn’t otherwise have had. There’s some self-consciously ‘crazy’ and pretty dismal tracks here too, but overall you have to say ‘respect’.

By Chris Watkeys

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