Anika’s is a strange, impressive debut that seems to have sprung from the middle of nowhere, its thematic direction and minimal production lending it a haunting quality that lingers long after it’s stopped playing, no doubt because it was recorded with Geoff Barrow’s kraut psychonauts Beak>. Opener ‘Terry’ is a darkly synthesizer-bent girl group ballad, ‘End of the World’ is a cover of Skeeter Davis’ 1962 country-pop hit, sung like a smacked-out Nico with truly scratchy, severely panned post-punk guitar. This mesh of disparate but concordant elements continues throughout to stunning effect, even if ‘Masters of War’, a deep piece of wobbly, retro dub, veers too close to the wince-worthy political shape-throwing of the original post-punk crowd. Enter a female solo artist for you to give a shit about, that T4 will miss completely.

By Edgar Smith

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