Debut albums are so often a labour of love that, well, sometimes, things slip through the cracks. You become attached, developing a Loctite bond to beats, lines, ideas that, ordinarily, should have been incinerated. As a stand-alone, loud, brash, raging track of rave revivalism, ‘Won’t Be Long’ would have held its own in the halcyon era of ‘Music For A Jilted Generation’ on saucer-eyed adrenalin alone, but Colin Bailey’s insistence on crunching and twisting vocals alongside his riotously ghoulish beats makes ‘Generation Hexed’ have to walk the line more than it needs to. Still, for every analogue blast of ‘Creak’’s epic, binary-crashing Halo score, ‘Lonely Days’ nostalgic reawakening of Double 99’s ‘Ripgroove’ and the rave-tinged ‘London Teeth’, you’ll soon find yourself marching to Drums of Death’s morbid beat.

By Reef Younis

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