Crashing into ‘The Brutal Wave’ with a Police-esque vibe, opening track ‘Beneath’ is a carbon copy of every great Sting attempt. But then the vocals kick in and it all goes horribly wrong. An equation of Morissey’s depressed lullabies (‘Mr Itagaki’), plus a poor mimic of Ian Curtis intensity (‘Le Son du Trottoir’), equals a dinge that should have been left in the 1980s. Frank (Just Frank) – not actually one person, but French duo Chris and Kirti ­– cannot get away from the bad synth comparisons. At times there is a Stone Roses meets The Cure promise (‘Die in Bed’), but for the most part, this debut is just forty minutes of drum-machine-induced RSI (think the opening of Top Gun) and repetitive uninspiring vocals. Step away from the 1980s best-ofs Frank.

By Laura Davies

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