Sufjan Stevens beware, there’s a new floaty pop band in town. A cutesier Arcade Fire, Freelance Whales are ready to carefully deliver their soft folk into our lives  – just so long as you can recall their instantly forgettable name. Being signed to Frenchkiss will help, of course. The home of Local Natives and Passion Pit know when they’re on to a non-offensive good thing and the beautiful, twinkling melody of standout track ‘Hannah’ could just be the single to launch them. Sounding somewhere between Mumford & Sons and Death Cab for Cutie, the five-piece from Queens, New York, are a Secret Machines for the Gaga generation – technically proficient but easy to swallow. While they’re not going to set the music world on fire (see the almost pointless one minute lullaby ‘Danse Flat’), ‘Weathervanes’ is a good stab at safe modern pop.

By Laura Davies

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