Glasser is Cameron Mesirow – an LA local with the kind of GarageBand skills that could close down every space-wasting recording studio in the world. ‘Ring’ is her debut album and to say it’s extraordinary sounding is a bit like saying “that Afghanistan War’s a bit nasty now, aye?”.

Opening to the tribal rumble of ‘Apply’, things start off very Bat For Lashes, which is perhaps what makes the track such a standout here. It’s something of a curveball though. Similar to Natasha Khan’s recent work, African influences are certainly a plenty – especially on ‘Plane Temp’, which features a recurring group mantra and more rolling drums – but Mesirow quickly boasts her own unique sound thanks to a voice that makes every song sound like a hymn for the dawn of a new, technology-less world. It’s odd, then, that synths, processed beats and computers have made ‘Ring’ the intricate, adventurous and organically sounding album it is beneath its choral centrepiece of Mesirow’s cherub-like, skyward voice.

By Stuart Stubbs

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