Much like the news that GCSE results have improved on the previous year, a new release by an all-girl noise pop band these days is greeted with an unenthusiastic shrug rather than optimism. We’re all in favour of girls in bands, but generally prefer them not to be rubbish (PENS, anyone?). Grass Widow, an all-female Frisco three-piece, share the lo-fi aesthetic of their fellow girl rockers, but, on closer inspection, there is a lot more to be discovered in their brand of post-punk. The guitars are undistorted almost throughout and follow stringent, dissonant single-noted riffs – the kind to please Gang Of Four. There are some effectively placed violin touches too, but the most distinct stylistic device are the three-way harmonies, which swarm around the record like bees with seasonal depression and add to its slightly outlandish but overall engaging feel. A pleasant surprise.

By Matthias Scherer

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