From the initial ear-twisting note of this thunderous record it becomes blindingly obvious that it will not find favour with the aging chattering classes who loudly grumble that, “Music isn’t as good now as it was in my day”, because those keen on luscious melodies will soon be shaken into a quivering deeply scarred wreck by a continual stream of spiky edged mathematical discordance that hurtles by faster than a Japanese Bullet train at full speed. ‘Justin Klein’ may have a traditional, counted-in intro but like ‘Hence Elvis’ and every other song contained on this album it is fiercely abrasive, manically chaotic and fantastically riff heavy. ‘Teeth Union’ will not bring any mainstream awards towards ISDP but at least they can be proud that they have created a short, sharp record that gleefully jumps over the barriers and brings others to an instant halt.

By Nathan Westley

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