That MOBO Award-winning, East End boy Kano returns with his fourth LP in five years and there are more pop-culture references in it than a copy of Heat magazine. Opening track ‘2 Left: Topic of Discussion’ drops names left, right and centre – Andre 3000, Faithless, Beyonce, Metallica – and it’s not just lyrically that the stars are featuring on ‘Method…’ but vocally too – Hot Chip loaning their sultry, ethereal harmonies and jerk-rhythmed Casio-esque beats for ‘All + All Together’. Wiley raps on ‘Get Wild’ while Michelle Breeze croons a chorus on upcoming single ‘Upside’. For a grime record Kano’s taken an incredibly poppy path. Where ‘Typical Me’ and ‘Ps and Qs’ were dubstep beat-based with hypnotic rhyming, tracks like album closer ‘Dark Days’ and ‘Spaceship’ bear soulful R&B choruses that make the LP more accessible to all those grime day-trippers.

By Danielle Goldstein

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