Kisses want to be Ibiza’s next big thing. The only problem is they could be better than background dirge in a fleuro cocktail bar on San Antonio’s strip, as occasionally proven here. Opening track ‘Kisses’ (yes, same name, confusing) is late night radio fodder with its dance-music-by-numbers Balearic beats. Ignore this two-months-late offering and ‘The Heart of the Nightlife’ gets progressively better. Standout track ‘People can do the Most Amazing Things’ leaves the tanked-up Brits abroad well alone and takes us down a 1980’s route, veering past Hurts and Duran Duran. Its Alec R. Costandinos vibe is promising (note the homage in their name, taken from Costandinos’ 1978 track Love and Kisses), but the debut soon returns to the White Isle, At least LA’s Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson are beginning to replicate Hot Chip rather than Chicane.

By Laura Davies

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