Klaxons’ debut album was, if nothing else, a triumph of oddities that made them far more exciting than New Rave-deniers would have ever admitted, filled with audacious tricks like a “DJ” sample from a standard Yamaha keyboard. The drums expertly tumbled about the place and the themes were cosmic, because, well, why not? Yeah, it was a mess, alright, but a brilliant mess.

‘Surfing The Void’ isn’t that much tidier, which is a good job, because the ‘Horseman…’-esque nuttiness of the title track and new sonic screech of ‘Flashover’ are what give this record its rare glimmers of excitement that resemble those first felt when hearing this band. That and lead single ‘Echoes’, which is the only straight-up pop song here, and the band’s second best track yet. But while Klaxons are still singing about other worlds and astro-stuff, sloppily to remind us that music is fun, the only oddity here is ‘The Same Spaces’, which sounds like Hard-Fi, and the fact that Klaxons have managed to make a largely average album.

By Stuart Stubbs

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