Just under a year ago Alan Palomo put this very album out into the world. Revered by the blogs it promised a world of sublime pop regression, dipping into a land of 80s reminiscence, glazed with the sunshine electronica of a generation gorged on Tron and a futuristic promise. A year on and not much has changed. ‘Psychic Chasms’ (bar a few bonus remixes) still finds an awkwardly promising middle ground – too downbeat and droning to truly capture a sense of summery optimism but a dimension away from simply muddling towards an odd technological limbo either. ‘(AM)’ is a brooding, glinting treasure, kissed by a laser-gun-totin’ M83, while the sharp-edged thrust of ‘Ephemeral Artery’ threatens some dark clouds to scupper the sunset stroll of title track ‘Psychic Chasms’, but where, you have to ask, is the futuristic promise?

By Reef Younis

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