A record of two halves, this. Side A continues where No Age’s debut ended, offering further examples of wonderfully tuneful west coast pop hidden artfully behind layers of 80s no-wave punk, a technique that delays and then amplifies gratification. The second half, meanwhile, eschews much of the Sonic Youth/Fugazi aesthetic for a dreamier sound, constructed more from drone than screech but retaining an admirable clatter nonetheless: a trio of instrumental numbers that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Godspeed You Black Emperor record sit among slower, loop-based songs, with the hypnosis only pierced by the closing ‘Chem Trails’, the band’s most commercial-sounding song to date. But in terms of contradictions, ‘Everything In Between’s split personality sequencing is only the start of it: the production is simultaneously dense and expansive, the performance taut and fluid at once, the songs aggressive and sweet, all in parallel. Indeed, ‘Everything In Between’ is a beautifully arced and utterly engrossing record full of thrilling paradoxes.

By Sam Walton

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