‘Narcissus’ is a prog-y, euro-disco/synth-pop concept album based on the Narcissus and Echo myth from Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’. Now, before you say ‘that sounds like the worst thing ever’, Pacific!’s sophomore album is, in fact, pretty fantastic. Originally conceived as a ballet for Gothenburg’s dance studio Atalante (one which will be running from October for anyone with a lot of spare cash, a penchant for flying and a habit of totally trusting magazines), it’s a monumental and strange endeavour, drawing on the sounds of Pink Floyd, OMD, Daft Punk and Berlin Bowie to create a beautifully taut and well made piece of art. Granted, this record’s not for everyone but in a world where everyone was stoned and in love all the time, it would make number one.

By Edgar Smith

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