For most albums, the location and studio of where they were made is pretty irrelevant, but then there are those that seem to soak up the past sounds of the room they were recorded in. Panico’s new one, ‘Kick’, falls very much into the latter category. Helmed in Franz Ferdinand’s studio in Glasgow, the album is track after track of angular indie pop, and their influences seem identical too; Orange Juice, Gang Of Four, Talking Heads, XTC, all lending their sharp riffs and wonky sensibilities to everything here. Though most of Panico’s tracks are slightly too long to be really radio-friendly, they still have a palpable zing to them with ‘Bright Lights’ and ‘Guadalupe’ being particularly catchy, which points to a decent record, but one that sounds a bit too much like the sum of its influences. “Derivative” would be too far, but there’s nothing worth sitting up for either.

By Tom Goodwyn

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