It seems like forever since The Pipettes made indie boys go all boogy-woogy in their Topman drainpipes, so it’s somewhat surprising to see that founding member and now solo singer Rose Elinor Dougall is still only 24. On the evidence of her debut album she has used the two years since leaving the band to remove herself as far as possible from her old band’s ridiculously catchy, 60s girl group sound and carve out a new songwriter-pop persona. The vocal’s still icily smooth, but the tone of the tracks are somewhat more sombre – no ‘One Night Stand’ on this record. Instead, there is talk of a bottle “being empty once again”, drum brushes, string sections, the odd lovely bit of twee (‘May Holiday’) and some aimless crooning (‘Watching’) but nothing that really matches the succinct brilliance of The Pipettes’ finest moments.

By Matthias Scherer

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