Don’t be fooled by the name, or the air of postmodern prankster that surrounds them – Teengirl Fantasy are not the art-school button-bashers they might like to suggest. Indeed, ‘7AM’ sounds less like a teen girl fantasy and more like a big-budget night of hedonism in a luxurious Balearic club, all velvety throb and sparkling hi-hats. Sure, there’s faux glamour and paper-thin soul, but the event is executed so as to render the con either irrelevant or undetectable. Mainly recalling the late-night dub-house side of early 90s rave – as the tracks slip by, the impression is that the record’s title refers to the end of the night rather than the start of the morning – ‘7AM’ is gorgeously consistent, evocative and woozy, and surprisingly European and vintage-sounding for a pair of US college students. A lovely debut.

By Sam Walton

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