Seattle band Unnatural Helpers (or, more accurately, Seattle native and only consistent UH member Dean Whitmore) are the kind of self-proclaimed knuckleheads that play in bars and get wasted, maaan. They’ll be doing it in their fifties, just like The Hold Steady are doing now. ‘Cracked Love…’ is their second album and makes light work of fifteen tracks, clocking in at twenty six minutes, presumably to make way for more shambolic partying. Like so many things that are dumb though, for a time this record is a hell of a lot of fun too, especially ‘Sunshine/Pretty Girls’, which features an R&B pop chorus that could have easily come from ‘Give Out…’-era Primal Scream. ‘Brainstroke’ (Mark E Smith vocals and blues riffs) is also worth attending the celebrations for before UH’s limited range proves ‘Cracked Love…’ outstays its welcome by at least five songs.

By Danny Canter

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