Live Review
Wild Nothings
The Harley

This is Wild Nothing’s first ever UK show and it is a peculiar experience. Oozing The Cure from every seeping orifice, they somehow manage to amalgamate the best parts of the band’s early, disjointed and angular post-punk with the synth-drenched pop beauties that came in the later days. Tonight, things are far more guitar driven than the blissful and delicate sounds emitted on record, though, and their record-to-live transition is comparable to that of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart: sweet and luscious on your stereo yet surprisingly boisterous and noisy on stage, essentially capturing both ends of the spectrum in one fell swoop. There is a nervous energy that flows from the band, as they are still in such an early incarnation (so much so that we may as well be watching them in their garage practicing), which subsequently adds an alluring and endearing quality to their set. You just know that every little mistake would mean the world. And as they fuck up their encore quite magnificently, the fact they even have an encore to play at their first ever UK show says it all really. A fragmented but warming glimpse at what Wild Nothing are capable of.

By Daniel Dylan Wray


Originally published in issue 20 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. August 2010