Live Review
The Hope

A quick passing glance at a poster which loudly announces ‘Women’ whilst it clings to the wall outside the venue may give small hope to any singleton, heterosexual male strolling past that it could be there lucky night. Yet the bearded foursome that greets any inquisitives inside are far removed from the image that any enquiring wander might expect.

Lined up parallel across the narrow stage, this masculine quartet indulge us in an hour worth of almost Brian Jonestown Massacre style, ear-caressing retro-ism – albeit minus the self destructible egotism and the constant merry-go-round of band members. Whether they incorporate their fondness of drones dressed in fuzz or drenched in reverb over Velvet Underground sixties guitar pop or switch to abrasive Sonic Youth-styled, full-on discordance, the material passes by merrily, safe in the knowledge that solid performances like this will only add weight to those arguing that much-lauded recent release ‘Public Strain’ is one of the albums of the year. They may not be the type of Women that many would like to take home with them at the end of the night, but an hour in there company is enough to satisfy even the most fastidious.

By Nathan Westley


Originally published in issue 21 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. September 2010