It’s extremely difficult to not be charmed by the current lo-fi resurgence. I mean, what’s not to like about the prospect of waves of kids wrestling their guitars in bedrooms and garages across the land, wailing into four tracks; their cheap Marshall amps fizzing and crackling under the impact of minds and voices trying to make sense of the world? It lends a warmth and youthful exuberance to what is, cynically, music dictated by budget but driven by precocious, restless spirit. Billed as a collection of tracks from earlier singles and EPs, ‘Turning On’ is much more than the precursor to next year’s proper full-length debut. From the barbed, understated beauty of ‘Hey Cool Kid’ to the raw and reckless ‘My Little Raygun’, casting a defiant flashback to the late Jay Reatard, it’s as carefree and reverb-drenched as you’d expect. That it’s this infectious and immediately likeable can only inspire. Anyone got a Fender going cheap?

By Reef Younis

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