In the (triple-gatefold) sleeve of Dustin Wong’s debut album, he explains how the record contains “2 versions, starting exactly the same for the first 20 min or so, then going in different directions and coming back together for the last bit”. The preamble to that details an escape from his shy, bedroom-musician shell and explains how these twin pieces of instrumental guitar music are partly inspired by a mushrooms wig-out. “A construction reminiscent of 60s minimalists, part-inspired by a birthday drug experience” makes ‘Infinite Love’ sound interesting. Sadly, it isn’t. Every instrument is irritatingly treble heavy, depriving the LP of any therapeutic ambient value it might’ve had. And, though it has its moments, the music itself lacks the structural integrity of its influences (presumably Steve Reich, Michael Rother, Boredoms, Terry Riley etc.) and gains nothing in terms of accessibility.

By Edgar Smith

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