It would be fair to argue that we don’t need yet another 60’s girl group throwback. However, we’ve got one, and at least there’s a seasoned veteran at the helm. Frankie (serial band-hopper) Rose employs the airy vocals of Crystal Stilts, the lo-fi of Vivian Girls and the sublime harmonies of Dum Dum Girls to create eerily authentic retro pop with a knack for melancholy. Most of the record is a series of heady lullabies, bathed in sonic halos – tracks like ‘Little Brown Haired Girls’ are beat led, but soft around the edges, with a lighter touch than Rose’s previous projects. Then she’ll weigh in with a go-go hipped, Nancy Sinatra bass line which, coupled with Shangri-Las vocals, introduces a seductive groove to an otherwise totally ethereal record. It’s nothing new, but if it’s your thing, you’ll be enchanted.

By Polly Rappaport

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