Just one of Gold Panda’s previously released tracks has made this, his debut album, namely because Derwin GP doesn’t like to repeat himself… unless he’s indulging in self-deprecation on Twitter, which is most of the time. The stuttering, dissected and re-assembled ‘You’ proves that he is quite the underestimater, as does the remainder of ‘Lucky Shiner’, which is a more ambient affair than might be expected. Having decided, “not to make an album of bangers”, it’s a collection of minimal techno tracks that calmly chime over the fizzy crackle of Gold Panda’s own turntable. ‘Before We Talk’ hints at Dicker’s glitch-flirting past, while songs like ‘Same Dream China’ point to his talents in downbeat hip hop beats and oriental studies. Named after his grandmother, it’s an album that sounds as personal as it does beautiful, with no need for lyrics.

By Stuart Stubbs

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