Live Review
The Forum

Islet play with an unsolicited sense of fury and intensity that literally screams from their sweat soaked faces. They contort and twist to become a massacred warped vision of demented demons running amuck as they scamper and clamber across the venue. They swap instruments with such frequency that it almost feels incestuous – like four members of arcade fire who got kicked out for being too weird.

Sonically, they are a vast landscape but conjure up comparisons to Liars at their most twisted and interesting. They are restless to the point of schizophrenic, both physically and musically, nothing sits still but is ever changing. At times it’s bewildering and at other times it’s enthralling. However, such is the visceral live experience that it almost becomes detrimental to their recorded output, as this is an energy and delivery that cannot be captured, unless you were to put them in a cage. Islet are undoubtedly one of the best live bands playing in Britain right now, I suggest catching them before they spontaneously combust or go insane trying. If your lucky enough you might just get to see it happen on stage.

By Daniel Dylan Wray


Originally published in issue 22 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. October 2010