KIT has one helluva résumé to stuff its CD sleeves with. Its members play with bands such as XBXRX and the Raincoats, and they’ve split many a seven-inch with the likes of Deerhoof and Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. With a CV like that, how could the record be anything but excellent? And this is the thing… It’s all so right. ‘Invocation’ is the embodiment of that infuriating phrase, ‘over qualified’. It’s an immaculate specimen of all that is post-punk noise-rock, right down to the riot grrrl vocals and grating Sonic Youth guitars – which shouldn’t be a bad thing, it just means KIT really know their stuff. The problem is, the mid-way breakdowns and freak-outs don’t feel organic, or even justified, and the jerky start-stop nature of many tracks feels formulaic rather than spontaneous. Rarely is noise so well executed, and seldom does punk come with such impeccable references. It’s not that the album is boring, it’s just not that exciting.

By Polly Rappaport

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