Unlike her last album ‘This is it…’, ‘Marnie Stern’ is less song-based and more choppy, switching pace constantly and pulling the rug from beneath you before you can grasp what exactly it is you’re listening to. ‘For Ash’ is an explosion of an opener, combining Animal Collective’s weird childlike croons and the Mae Shi’s erratic percussion. There’s a sense of urgency that rushes it wildly onto the widdly-riffed ‘Nothing Left’ before you can process all of the sounds. ‘Building a Body’ takes on a B52’s lilt with its cheerleader-like shouts, while ‘Female Guitar Players are the New Black’ aches of Stern’s humour and is a wall of sound packed with wistful vocals and drum rolls upon drum rolls. An exciting, mind-blowing listen, this third album from the blonde, Deerhoof-resembling New Yorker is something worth falling head over heal for.

By DK Goldstein

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