Of Montreal have been around forever and, while circling eternity, they’ve had their ups and downs. Previous LP ‘Skeletal Lamping’ for instance, was a down. ‘False Priest’ is miles better, wearing its love of Hall and Oats and ‘Diamond Dogs’ Bowie on its sequined sleeve. By most accounts, they’re the kind of over-imaginative, quirky band that can gratify and enrage simultaneously, often within the same listen, like each of your ears has different tastes. Thankfully, this record avoids the grating end of the kooky scale – stomping ground of outré dinosaur Patrick Wolf, say – backing-up its flamboyance with ace band workouts and substantial, wryly delivered lyrics. It’s a longish album of lightly psychedelic white funk that craftily updates the dated-sounding MGMT model and lead-single ‘Coquet Coquette’ is fab. NB: got a problem with the adjective ‘fab’? You might not like this.

By Edgar Smith

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