Tamaryn is a New Zealand-born, San Francisco-based artist, and ‘The Waves’ is her full-length debut following a couple of vinyl single releases last year. Hers is a droney sound, with My Bloody Valentine or Giant Drag as easy references. The main riff of the opening, title track, though, is like that of Pixies’ ‘Here Comes Your Man’, coated in acid and fed through a buzzsaw, an opening volley which promises much. ‘Choirs of Winter’ is chiming and expansive, but thereafter there’s something of a mope overload and, with little or no variance from song to song, by ‘Sandstone’ things get seriously dull. This is accomplished and well executed stuff, but it’s terminally un-engaging. Late on, the short shot of ‘Cascades’ gives a kick to the corpse, but for too much of the time this is a lifeless album.

By Chris Watkeys

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