Live Review
Koko, Camden

Photography bu Lee Goldup

Despite mixed critical reactions to punctuatively monikered !!!’s latest album ‘Strange Weather, Isn’t It?’, and claims they’ve lost some of their early punk funk vitality (less !!!, more …), it’s still universally agreed that their live performances are something to behold. Tonight is no different. In a set full of highlights from their fourteen-year tenure, frontman Nic Offer is a whirling dervish of non-stop motion. Posturing with the best of them, this is his show, as he parades the stage, Koko’s balconies and through the crowd to infuse the proceedings with extra urgency, continually thrusting out a bizarre dance that can only be described as a sexy Charleston. The Sacramento/New Yorkers’ opening trio of ‘Strange Weather…’ tracks – ‘AM/FM’, ‘The Most Certain Sure’ and ‘Jamie My Intentions Are Bass’ – blow away any aspersions with the usual assured mix of pounding percussion, honking horns and basslines slicker than a Gulf of Mexico beach, while ‘The Hammer’ strikes a mid-set high.

A throbbing dance-break builds before an explosive double drumkit denouement accompanied by Offer’s wild yelps perfectly illustrates the band’s attuned sensibilities of the ebb and flow of clubland dancefloor energy. The progenitors of the indie/dance movement have still got it. Full stop.

By Phil Dixon


Originally published in issue 23 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. November 2010