Tennessee threesome Cheap Time begin their second album sounding like a cross between The Rolling Stones and T-Rex, which is just the start of anglo-rock influences found here. Next we’ve got the comic-book-cheek of The Small Faces on ‘Everyone Knows’, followed by frontman Jeffrey Novak hissing, “I’ll make your mind up for you” on the Pistols-esque ‘I’d Rather Be Alone’. ‘Down The Tube’ comes courtesy of The Clash and there’s even a bit of Beatles psych in there somewhere, while ‘Showboat’ moves back across the Atlantic to sound like a scuzzed-up Strokes meets Pavement, not unlike the tempered down ‘Throwing It All Away’, which is about as melodic as Cheap Time get, even if it does still spit with definite sarcasm. Intimidating and riotous, it shouldn’t work as well as it definitely does.

By Laura Davies

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