The concept of buying a record because of its awesome album sleeve is, in these days of typing “artist album name 320kbps rar” into Google, pretty much nonexistent. But if it wasn’t, Arthur Satan and Paula H (the brains behind J.C. Satan) could count on a few dozen impulse buys to drive up the sales figures for this bad boy. Two half-naked ladies + Satanist symbols = guaranteed hit with a certain demographic. The tunes on ‘Sick of Love’ aren’t bad either. The rambunctious ‘Endless Fall’ recalls the garage punk of Jay Reatard, ‘Superhero’ is a Pixies outtake compressed to fuck, and ‘I’ll Be There’ is simplistic but pleasant 3-chord-pop. A certain horniness, of the sort only southern Europeans can get away with singing about (the French/Italian accents add to that), permeates the songs, but there is nothing diabolical to be found here.

By Matthias Scherer

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