Kelley Stoltz is the kind of musician who will dub subtle Brian Wilson ‘la-la’ harmonies underneath songs that are already gleaming with sunshine. He’ll name a song ‘I Like, I Like’ and start almost every line with a throwaway, Hawaiian-shirted “I like I like I like I like I really like…” always followed by a corny Steve Miller-ism “I really like the way that you kiss/I really like to read your mind/I’d really like to have you in bed” etcetera. Stoltz’s eighth album, ‘To Dreamers’, is a little bewilderingly accepting and adopting of foppy 80s cheese, with plenty of adult contemporary saxes and Huey Lewis keys abound. It has a certain nostalgia-induced bafflement, but it’s not really built to last. And when Stoltz gets a little more future-thinking with his songwriting, like the crisp, downward strums of ‘I Remember, You Were Wild’ he sounds even more characterless. The only thing ‘To Dreamers’ runs on is half remembered silliness; memorable songs or investible hooks are nowhere to be found.

By Luke Winkie

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