Live Review
Magnetic Man

The hype around Magnetic Man’s live show has grown with the completion of each tour date and so anticipation for tonight’s homecoming show is huge. It’s an unseasonably warm November evening and Heaven, London’s cavernous Charing Cross club, is already heating up as Katy B takes to the stage. Already a crowd favourite thanks to her work with Magnetic Man on ‘Perfect Stranger’, she doesn’t need to work hard to get the audience on side and her Rinse t-shirt suggests she’s proud to show her true colours. That both tonight’s acts have had successful chart singles is confirmation that dub-step has truly emerged from the dark, sweaty underground into the cold light of the mainstream and Magnetic Man are leading the way in pioneering fashion.

As the trio emerge from side of stage and take their places inside their LED encrusted cube the response from the crowd is rapturous; as they launch into the first foundation-shuddering track the dance floor erupts. Magnetic Man’s strength lies in their variety; sternum stabbing bass lines and lead-heavy beats are interspersed with synth-laden, spacious soundscapes and live cameos from Miss Dynamite and Katy B add further fire to an otherwise incendiary performance.

By Ross McTaggart


Originally published in issue 23 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. November 2010