Strict rules usually have a habit of suffocating creators, but they can also spur them on to a different path to take otherwise-uncalled-for risks. Munch Munch have surprisingly engorged in dogmatic rules for this, their debut album; whereby no guitars were allowed to feature and all percussion was to be purely recorded live. Yet, rather than fall flat on their face, this quartet have weaved together a record that unapologetically scurries around on the fringes of outsider pop. Rich in vibrantly eccentric melodies and bursting with tight polyrhythmic explosions, they swerve from sounding like a budget-restricted version of Yeasayer to a more hyperactive version of Klaxons without the penchant for electronic instruments, which firmly pegs this as being a colourful album that will brighten up even the dullest of days.

By Nathan Westley

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