Reading Rainbow used to be an American TV show for children whose parents wanted them to learn how to read good (and maybe learn how to do other things too). The Philadelphia duo of the same name is unlikely to have a similar impact on the reading habits of a nation, but the two resemble each other in terms of colourfulness and fun. By now, there really should be limited shelf space in most people’s record collections for lo-fi guitar pop bands whose musical epiphany was 90s grunge, but who cares when you have tunes like the national anthem of Slackerzthan ,‘Wasting Time’, or the woozy love poem of ‘Runaways’? Nobody, that’s who. At 40 minutes, ‘Prism Eyes’ does drag on a bit and there are some disposable songs, but this band warrant a temporary de-activation of the cynicism mode – you’ll be rewarded.

By Matthias Scherer

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